Run Remember with Us 2019


The 7th edition of the race is ahead of us. Remember with us at a distance of 5 km – with the modified route in the initial episode – we start from LIPOWAJ street! Through the event Remember with us, we popularize knowledge about the history of Krakow during the years of war and occupation. At the exhibitions in Fabryka Emalia Oskara Schindlera, Apteka pod Orłem and Ulica Pomorska we present dramatic events, difficult wartime elections and talk about contemporary attitudes. We also want to convince the unconvinced about the salutary influence of sport on physical, emotional, intellectual and social development. We encourage you to participate in the running of all those who are already running and those who are just considering taking up such a challenge. A bit of effort combined with a dose of history is the best recipe for strengthening your body and spirit.

Place: Schindler’s Factory / Museum of Krakow Lipowa 4
Date: 13.4.2019
Start: 12 AM – 2 PM
Admission: 12€

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Fabryka Schindlera, Lipowa 4, Krakov, Poľsko


12 EUR

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