Rose Garden of Rome 2019

21.04.2019 - 31.10.2019

As usual, on 21st April , Christmas day in Rome, the Municipal Rose Garden will reopen to the public . The 2019 calendar wants this anniversary to fall, this year, at Easter.

The Municipal Rose Garden of Rome
Over 1100 different varieties of roses are ready to bloom in what one of the most romantic gardens in Rome: the Municipal Rose Garden of the Capital . One of the most prestigious botanical collections of roses in the world, which allows us to trace the history and evolution of the rose from antiquity to the present day. The cultivated specimens come from the Far East up to South Africa, from Old Europe up to New Zealand, passing through the Americas. There are primordial species (botanical roses) that date back to 40 million years ago, very precious and little known, together with ancient roses, all of great originality and beauty.

The rose collection
Walking through the avenues one can admire the Damascene roses that already flourished in Paestum and Pompeii, still used today as a base for perfumed essences, or the famous Gallic roses, the only ones in antiquity of red color and considered sacred by the Persians. Rare and particular varieties intertwine in this collection, capturing the visitor’s interest.

We thus come across the rose dedicated to the end of the war of the Two Roses: its flower, when in bud, is red like the Lancaster rose, but when it opens it is white as the York rose the two families at war for English throne.

The rose called Peace has a very particular history: the cuttings of this hybrid, obtained in France by Francis Meilland, at the outbreak of World War II, before the French borders were closed, were sent to the nurserymen who had purchased the rights in Italy , in Germany and the United States. Precisely in America, at the end of the war, the same variety was placed as an ornament on the tables of the Peace negotiations of the San Francisco Conference, thus becoming the symbol of Peace. In Italy it is known as “Gioia”.

Other species, although they cannot boast historical references, have important botanical particularities, such as the Mutabilis rose , whose flower changes color seven times in five days: the bud is red, open becomes orange, then yellow, cream, light pink, deep pink to crimson. Remaining on the subject of “special effects”, particular is the Omeiensis Pteracantha Lutea , a Chinese botanical rose whose thorns, in the shape of a wing, in the new branches are red and transparent. Among the most curious, the Rosa Chinensis Virdiflora , with green petals, and the Rosa Foetida , beautiful but smelly.

The cost for entry on weekdays is € 5, € 7 on holidays.
For groups: € 2.50 per person on weekdays, € 3.50 on holidays. They enter free: schools, disabled, under 14 and over 65.
The rose garden can be visited by people with disabilities.
Small dogs are allowed on a leash.

For information and reservations, you can contact the Municipal Rose Garden directly by telephone (06.5746810) or by e-mail at, from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm; Monday and Tuesday also from 14:00 to 16:30.

Location: Rome Rose Garden, Via di Valle Murcia, 6, Rome
Date: Starting April 21
Cost: 5-7 Euros


Rome Rose Garden, Via di Valle Murcia, 6, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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