Top 4 places to visit when Cycling

01.07.2020 - 31.12.2022

Do you like cycling? We do. Warm days are perfect for this activity. Spend your day with friends or family outdoors. We bring you the top cycling routes in Bratislava.

Schlosshof is a palace in Austria last used as a summer retreat by Maria Terezia in 1755. From Devinska Nova Ves, in Bratislava, it would only take around a 25-minute bicycle ride to reach the beautiful palace gardens. Whilst on this track you will also cross over the Morava river and Slovak/Austrian border. It is a lovely place to visit with a lot of activities for all ages such as horse riding, a petting zoo, playground and beautiful gardens and mazes free to the public. There is also a restaurant serving amazing dishes which adults can enjoy whilst children play with animals in front of the restaurant.
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Devin is known for having one of the oldest traces of the Slavic settlements through the 8-9th century. And is believed to be a big staple of the Great Moravian Empire. To visit the castle you can take a bike ride from Bratislava with an approximated time of 40-60 mins. At Devin castle, it is also possible to do activities such as horse riding and learning about the Celts in the Devin castle. Whilst at Devin you can also take a trip to Sihoť the largest island on the Danube river and explore this island and its culturally protected water source. Restaurants and souvenir shops are also located around the castle’s area.
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3. Petrzalska hradza `
Petrzalska hradza or also referred to as the Danube dam is a cycling route that runs through the entire settlement of Petrzalka all the way to Berg past the border with Austria. This route is accessible from any bridge in Bratislava crossing the Danube river. And there are plenty of buffets and restaurants on the way such as Rančik or The Dunajska Pivovaren located on a boat on the Danube river.
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4.Triangle Border (Slovakia, Hungary and Austria)
At the triangle bench border, you can experience moving from one country to another within 5 seconds. Think of it as having breakfast lunch or dinner in 3 countries at once 🙂

We hope you enjoy your day cycling and having fun.

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