Top things to do in Vienna this weekend

21.03.2019 - 24.03.2019

👋🏻Weekend is almost here and you still don´t know what´s going on in 🇦🇹Vienna? Don´t worry, we´ve got you covered.
Check out these events:

📌DOGDANCE WORKSHOP- Dogdance is generally divided into two separate divisions: Heelwork to Music, where various foot positions are shown in fluid transitions to the music and freestyle. Dogdance is a dog sport that is really suitable for every human-dog team.
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📌VERANDA BREAKFAST- In addition to a fine selection of delicacies from the Gragger bakery, numerous regional breakfast classics invite you to feast. We extend our large breakfast buffet with Viennese specialties, international classics and personal favorites.
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📌INVERSIONS FOR BEGINNERS – WALK TO THE HEADSTAND- You would like to be able to headstand, but do not know how and / or do not dare? Or you can find the balance for a while but can not hold it? Then you are exactly right here! Step by step you will learn which exercises will take you to the goal.
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📌TAMIKA CAMPBELL- Tamika Campbell, Comedy Queen and Austria’s favorite New Yorker comedian is finally having her first English Solo Show „BOOM“ in Vienna.
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📌ABBAMANIA THE SHOW- The biggest ABBA TRIBUTE SHOW in the world They wrote music history within ten years. Hits like „Waterloo“, „Mamma Mia“ and „Dancing Queen“ connect entire generations.
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📌PAN-POT- Pan-Pot is the name of the Berlin-based techno duo, German DJs and music producers Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix. Let’s enjoy the big party.
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😀1000THINGS & HAUSGEMACHT FRÜHLINGSFEST- Spring is coming and we open it with the homemade clef of bass and bpm: The frequencies are booming on the Main floor, and lavish techno blows off every winter depression from the soul. It’s not tiresome pollen allergies, but hard beats that bring tears to your eyes – with joy – and with newly gained energy, the ground is softly mashed until dawn, like a fresh vegetable patch.
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📌HERBERT GRÖNEMEYER- The great artist is back on tour with band after the overwhelming success of his 2016 „Ongoing Now“ tour next year! Right now is right Right now is good Nothing really matters After the ebb tide comes the flood
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