Unusual things to do in Stockholm

09.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

We love Stockholm. It is something special about the city, their way of life, connection with nature. We strongly recommend visiting this beautiful city. We’ve put together a list of the best events, places, things to do in Stockholm.

1. The crown on Skeppsholmen bridge
Take a walk on the bridge to the island Skeppsholmen and stop by to look at the beautiful view of the Royal Palace. Plus, you will have the chance to see one of the most „Instagram-friendly“ spots in the city – the royal crown on the rail!
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2. Swedish Fika
Rest for a bit during your all-day attraction hunting. Fika is something truly Swedish – it is sort of a coffee break, during which you are supposed to socialize with people! Order your cup of coffee and something sweet and rest your legs in one of the cafés at Stortoget, for example, Chokladkoppen.
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3. Hornstulls Flea Market
One of the most famous flea markets in the city. Take a stroll here and find some unique jewelry, clothes, design items, books, crafts and much more! You´ll also find here delicious street food. The market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 7th April.
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4. View from Skinnarviksberget
Enjoy the amazing view of the City Hall from this place. You can have a seat on the rocks and take a picnic with your friends – this is what a local would do. If you do not fancy a picnic, you can have a beer and you will have the chance to meet locals who came here for the same reason as you – to enjoy some time with friends while drinking a beer and having one of the most beautiful views of the city.
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5. Archipelago
Stockholm´s Archipelago is consisted of around 30 000 islands. This is definitely a chance for you to see the nature in its rawest form. The best way to explore the Archipelago is to book a boat tour.
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6. Vasa Museum
When you are in the mood that you want to visit some museums, great, in Stockholm, we have one of the most interesting museums in the world ever! Take a trip to the Vasa Museum and explore the history of marine. You will get to see a ship – this ship was scheduled to sail from the harbor, but it sank into the sea before the journey. It is the only ship (in the world) from the 17th century that is preserved.
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7. Stortorget
The most famous square in Stockholm! Wander through the streets of Gamla Stan (the Old Town) and stop by to enjoy a moment at Stortorget. The place is usually filled with tourists and street artists, and you can enjoy the significant atmosphere while sitting on one of the benches while listening to the street musicians.
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8. Nightclubs
Still not tired after the whole day wandering through Stockholm? If not, we have some of the best clubs for your night-time in the city. Fasching is the most popular club that provides a lot of jazz artists from around the world, but usually, after the concerts, it turns to be one amazing party place, where you are free to mingle with both tourists and locals.
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Under Bron is also an amazing choice for a party place – you can find there some techno & house on two floors, and the admission is sometimes even free.
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Berns is famous for its concerts – concerts there are happening very frequently. It is up to your choice of what you prefer. You can find the program for each club on their pages.
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9. Operakallarens Bakficka
Travelers are usually willing not only to see the famous sights of the cities they visit but also to taste the traditional cuisine of the country they are traveling. Traditional meatballs, Raggmunk or Knäckebröd, you can find everything at Operakallarens Bakficka for reasonable prices!
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10. Stockholm´s subway system
Stockholm´s subway system is famous for its beautiful and unique art. The system consists of more than 100 stations and what is important, at least 90 of them have some of the art installations. In the picture,​ you can see the station Solna Centrum, but some of the most beautiful ones are also Hotorget, T-Centralen, Thorildsplan, Tekniska Högskolan, Kunsträdgården or Stadion station.
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11. Skogskyrkogarden
Do you know when Avici rests? ? Visit Skogskyrkogarden. A peaceful cemetery located in Stockholm, south of Sodermalm island; Enskededalen district. It is one of the UNESCO sites in Sweden
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