LIV 3.0 – Max Tegmark


Max Tegmark’s job is to answer the big questions of life. He is a professor of physics at one of the world’s most prestigious universities: MIT. Not only that, he is also considered one of the world’s most prominent researchers and has been called „the world’s smartest Swedish“. When Max Tegmark first shared his theories, they were considered by the public to be so crazy and, above all, radical that he was called „Mad Max“.
Take the opportunity to learn more about life’s big questions from the world-famous Max Tegmark. On April 8, he is having an open lecture on Swedish soil for the first time.

Place: Stockholm City Conference Centre, Drottninggatan 71B, 111 23 Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 8th April 2019
Start: 6:30 PM
Admission: 50 Euros
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Norra Latin - Stockholm City Conference Center, Drottninggatan, Stockholm, Sweden


50 EUR

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