Top things to do in KRAKOW: Spring edition

15.03.2019 - 01.06.2019

Krakow as one of the most beautiful cities in Poland offers many spectacular places and sights and also many things to do all the time. For an easier way to choose from its big offer, we bring you THE TOP 10 THINGS how to spend time in Krakow in spring. Of course, this list doesn’t include everything what you can do and where to go, but it is a great help if you don’t know, where to start. So let’s discover some lovely sights, delicious restaurants, and cafés, well-known pubs and events which you can’t miss.

1. Amazing views at WAWEL
Wawel is a historic castle located right in the city, along the river Vistula. We can admire it from about the 11th century. The castle is located on the same-named hill. The view from the castle, but also of the castle is definitely worth a visit. As well as many exhibitions that attract tourists but also local visitors.
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2. Sweet cupcakes in CUPCAKE CORNER BAKERY
If you like everything sweet, you should definitely visit Cupcake Corner Bakery. It is a bakery mixed with a lifestyle café. They offer different types of cupcakes, bagels, brownies, and many other cakes, which will make your day full of energy.
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3. Delicious lunch in ART RESTAURANT
For gastronomers, one of the great tips on where to go for lunch is Art Restaurant. The highest quality products from local producers, as well as the menu card changing with the seasons. The chefs are creative and innovative with using a variety of different techniques and way to prepare meals from Polish cuisine. The great atmosphere is also made by live music and an enjoyable garden.
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4. Tasty tea in CZARKA TEA HOUSE
For the ones, who are tea-drinkers, we would recommend Czarka Tea House. They combine several styles of teas, which flow from the biggest tea traditions: Chinese, Japanese and Indian. With this combination, every tea must be delicious. Besides that, the place is cozy, so you will be able to spend some nice moments with your dear ones.
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5. Various wines in BOTTIGLIERIA
If you a wine lover, the Bottiglieria is the right place for you. This place would not exist without the passion for wine. It is a combination of wine and the kitchen. They offer (among food) a hundred wines with a varied taste and aroma – from classic and simple ones to much more sophisticated. You will be served by professional sommeliers in special temperature and humidity conditions.
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6. Flavored coffee in CAFE NAKIELNY
Looking for some fine coffee? This is a place for you. This spacious, modern café and bakery has a lot to offer for anyone looking for a caffeine fix, sweets, or pleasant place to pull out the laptop. Besides the coffees, they offer also sandwiches and savoury phyllo pastries, pralines, macaroons, shakes.
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7. Fresh ice-cream in GOOD LOOD
Do you love ice cream? Then you should visit Good Lood. Their ice cream is made of local fresh products. This ice cream shop is open even in winter. 100% natural ingredients in all flavors you can imagine. And they taste perfect.
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The place full of colors. That is Papugarnia Amazonia. And why? Because it is a place full of colorful animals. Parrots of many kinds of colors and sizes will welcome you right when you walk in. You will be able to feel like in rainforest.
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9. Markets at PLAC NOWY
Place, where you can always find some kind of local market. It is an open space place, set between historic buildings. Flea market, many kinds of food markets art events and much more. You will find tourists but also many locals who enjoy the ​pleasant atmosphere​ of Plac Nowy.
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10. A romantic walk through PLANTY PARK
If you like long walks in nature but you would also like to visit the Old Town area, you should visit Planty Park. You can have picnics, go running, playing with your dog and many other things. And if you get thirsty, be sure you will visit some of the coffees at the edge of the park.
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