Gellért hill and the Citadel

12.03.2019 - 12.03.2020

Gellért hill is a high mountain overlooking the Danube in Budapest, Hungary. It is part of the 1st and 11th district. Gellért Hill was named after Saint Gerard, who was cast out of the hill. The famous Gellért Hotel and the Gellért Spa are located on Gellért Square at the foot of the hillside alongside the Liberty Bridge. The Gellért Hill Cave is located on a hill facing the Hotel Gellért and the Danube River.

At the top of the hill is the Citadella , from which the view of the two sides of the Danube is available.
Walk through the Liberty Bridge and head out onto this hill where you will see the whole of Budapest. From the beginning you can see, or visit, the Gellért Baths. There are a few steps up there that are not difficult.
Statue of Liberty – Welcome to the Statue of Liberty, which was erected in 1947 to commemorate the liberation of Hungary from Nazism during the Second World War.
The Citadel – At the very top, there is a citadel from the middle of the 19th century, with a beautiful view of Buda Castle. The Citadel, which sits atop Gellert Hill, was constructed by the Hapsburgs following the failed Hungarian War of Independence.

Place: Gellért hill & Citadel
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