Carnaval de Paris


The association ‚A right to culture‘ has worked for many years to relaunch the Carnaval de Paris known as Saint-Fargeau. It organizes a festive costumed parade through Paris led by Pimprenelle, a magnificent Limousin cow in a beautiful red dress. Pimprenelle is the mascot of the carnival and leads the ‘promenade de boeuf gras’ in reference to a popular 16th-century tradition.

It’s a free, apolitical, voluntary, free, traditional and self-managed festival. The theme of the Carnaval de Paris 2019 is: „One for all, and all for sport! It’s a free theme. You never have to follow to participate in the party. We can join or leave the procession when we want. Choose to watch pass or scroll with. No registration is required to participate. The placement of the groups is free in the procession.

This colourful and musical parade starts at Place Gambetta at 13pm and finishes at the Place de la République.
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Place Gambetta, Paríž, Francúzsko



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