Ten years ago, by chance, four young, ingenious, very handsome and very hungry MCs met in a studio in Swabia. As it happens, when geniuses meet, there was “The Album” four days later. The parody of an entire scene that took itself too seriously. Dada meets Rap meets four friends who have nothing to say and made an album out of their insider jokes. Deutschrap reacted allergic, the hooligans of love frenetically. After, surprisingly great success and feedback from the first album, especially for everyone involved, The Orsons began working on their second album.
It was “The glory, in eternity, Orsons”. An album about freedom. Freedom as an artist, as a musician, as a human being. The freedom to do and leave what you want. Indie chart series, radio plays on Hot97, props from Souljah Boy Tell`Em and tours with Fettes Brot and Herbert Grönemeyer. Later, the first major album was released in collaboration with Universal. It was followed by a hard fight against and with the different grinding major mills and finally with “The Chaos & The Order” an album that describes in the title as it has felt and at the same time with “pink, blue or green”, “Zambo Crystal Merkaba “or” Vodka Apple Z “had to show veritable hits.
In 2015 followed with “What’s Goes” the best album of Die Orsons, which went directly to # 2 on the German charts. An album that perfectly reflects The Orsons: smart, musical, cool, funny, thoughtful, loving, cynical, absurd, honest – and above all: unique.

Place: Grelle Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Vienna, Austria
Date: 31. 10. 2019
Start: 19:00 – 22:00
Admission: 117€
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Grelle Forelle, Spittelauer Lände 12, 1090 Vienna, Rakúsko


117 EUR

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