Dublin Writer Haunts

27.09.2018 - 27.09.2019

Dublin is a vibrant city which has been the inspiration behind the countless poems, plays and book throughout the centuries. It’s also a place that some of the world’s most acclaimed writers have called home. The most beloved Dublin haunts are:

1. Rudyard Kipling
– English novelist and journalitst who had also interests in Irish matters, his poem Cleared has references Dublin´s lush oasis, Phoenix Park.

2. Samuel Beckett
– novelist whose the best known play – Waiting for Godot – was played at the historic Gate theatre on Cavendish Row. Also to his honour, the bridge over the River Liffey is named after him – The Samuel Beckett Bridge.

3. W. B. Yeats
– together with his friend founded The Abbey Theatre, Ireland´s National Theatre, in 1904.

4. Oscar Wilde
– nowadays you can visit the statue of this flamboyant author at Merrion Square, just opposite to house where he lived (now American College Dublin).

5. Brendan Behan
– writer and playwright who loved to socialise and could be often seen enjoying a pint in Davy Byrne´s on Duke Street.

6. Graham Greene
– English author who loved visiting Ireland and staying and spending the evenings at the iconic Shelbourne Hotel on St. Stephen´s Green.

7. George Bernard Shaw
– not only writer, but also political activist who loved staying among an array of restaurants, the laidback Bernard Shaw pub on Richmond Street is named in honour to him.


Dublin, Írsko



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