Try a new Hungarian-style restaurant

23.09.2018 - 23.09.2019

In the wake of Budapest’s gastronomy boom, Hungarian cuisine is also experiencing its renaissance and a growing number of restaurants are focused on recreating old favourites. Recently opened Zuzu revives stuffed pepper and breaded chicken legs with the use of modern-day techniques. Its cutting-edge kitchen run by Tamás Széll of Bocuse d’Or fame, newly launched Stand includes goulash and somlói sponge cake on its tasting menu. Even the legendary Gundel restaurant now features a revamped menu, taking goose liver and chicken stew to greater heights.

Place: Budapest, Gundel Károly út 4, 1146 Maďarsko – Restaurant Gundel
Opening- hours : Mo.-Sun.: 12:00-00:00
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Place: Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 11, 1124 Maďarsko
Opening- hours: Mo.- Sat. : 12:00 -23:00 , Sun.: 12:00-16:00
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Budapest, Apor Vilmos tér 11, 1124 Maďarsko


1-100 EUR

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