26.06.2018 - 25.06.2019

If you plan to have a nice meal while you explore beers by smaller Czech breweries, Nota Bene should be on top of your list because their food is the best out of all the pubs listed here, although expect to wait a bit for the dishes. Nota Bene is two things in one: a restaurant on the ground floor and a beer point in the basement, each with a nice selection of beers by smaller local breweries, totaling at 13 taps. They used to offer tasting portions of all the beers they have on tap and if you ask nicely and with a smile, they might just serve them to you again. The good part is that the interiors are really nice and Nota Bene is a non-smoking venue only, the bad part is that their beer snacks are sometimes pretty strange to us.

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Nota Bene, Mikovcova, Praha 2, Česko



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