26.06.2018 - 25.06.2019

Beergeek is the new kid on the block but boy, did it make waves. When it opened in early October, we met many friends from the Prague foodie community on the opening night there, including Lukas Svoboda, the beer guru of the Lokal pubs. The retail space of an established beer distributor offers a well-curated selection of thirty craft beers, including many local favorites like Matuska, Antos, Kout na Sumave, Falkon and so on. We heard they should be opening their kitchen finally in November. Up until then it’s all about potato chips and peanuts. We are not sure whether we like or dislike the interiors (we think we actually dislike it) but the place actually has a very nice atmosphere and brings together beer lovers from the entire city. And even if you are a novice, the friendly and knowledgeable bartenders will guide you in your choice, let you taste everything, and make sure you will enjoy just the beer you like in a friendly, non-smoking environment.

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BeerGeek Bar, Vinohradská, Praha-Žižkov, Česko



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