26.06.2018 - 25.06.2019

Zly casy is „ground zero for the Prague beer culture“. You’ll have to travel to the Prague 4 district to see it but you’ll be happy that you did. 48 beers on draft from smaller Czech breweries and more beers in bottles from all over the world in a non-smoking environment? Yes, this is beer nirvana. Zly casy has created a community of beer aficionados that actually organizes bus trips to beer festivals in the Czech Republic, but you don’t have to be one to enjoy Zly casy: their relaxed atmosphere, popularity and tight seating guarantee you will find friends there if only for that particular night. They do have a kitchen that serves „pub food“ but that’s besides the point here. One extra bonus: pretty long opening hours.

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Zlý Časy, Čestmírova, Praha 4, Česko



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