26.06.2018 - 25.06.2019

Nase maso, a wildly popular butcher shop/bistro lets you peak into the entire process of creating the steak tartare: while the butchers cut the steaks and grind the beef in the back on full sight behind the glass walls, the staff in the front seasons it with eggs, onion and pickles, but they keep the tartare simple and clean. The bread is lightly toasted. The tartare is shaped into a something that reminds you of a burger patty. Looks great on Instagram, and along with their dry-aged beef burgers, this must be the most popular item on Nase maso’s menu. Available as take away, too, ideally to the Bokovka wine bar next door. They won’t mind you eating it there with your wine.

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Naše maso, Dlouhá, Staré Město, Česko



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