Space One II, exhibition at La Sapienza University Rome

19.03.2023 - 26.03.2023

Sunday 19 March at 12.00, the Studio CiCo Gallery inaugurates the second edition of the SPACE ONE International Exhibition-Competition of Contemporary Art, in collaboration with the School of Aerospace Engineering of the Sapienza University of Rome and with the patronage of the III Municipality of the Municipality of Rome.

The dean of the Aerospace Engineering School of Sapienza, Giovanni Battista Palmerini, the art critic Piero Zanetov, the journalist Domenico Briguglio, the speaker Carlo Pietrosanti, Francesca Romana Lobianco, co-curator of the exhibition together with the gallery owner and artist Cinzia Cotellessa will be present . «This second edition of Space One” is a new creative and ideal appointment between us and the infinite – explains the curator Cinzia Cotellessa -. The event will be repeated every year, with the aim of showing the invisible and the imaginary of the space that surrounds us through art».

Sixty-five works on display, including sculptures, paintings and watercolors, by over fifty artists from all over the world. Skies, clouds, nebulae, archaic symbols, ships, symbolic and material abstractions hover between space and the universe. Painters, sculptors and illustrators have thus reproduced the transcendental themes of space and flight, relating the sensitive and spiritual dimension, the visible and invisible dimension.
The universe has always fascinated human beings. Questions, discoveries and intuitions that in all ages have helped to enhance its mystery. According to the painter Paul Klee, art does not produce what is visible, but makes visible what is not. In front of the works one does not remain indifferent, because they make visible what is hidden, unknown or unexpressed, and allow free interpretation to the infinite human imagination.
The artists, Alvarado, Asatryan, Bacci, Balestrieri, Bolognesi, Brancia, Cappello, Capuano, Cavallotti, Ciampi-Karner, Cotellessa, Dal Bò, D’ascia, Del Monte, Fagioli, Fanfani, Florio, Frustaci, Furia, Garzillo, Ghidini , Gioiello, Gitto, Guiotto, Gudenko, Iannone, Improta, Luciano, Mancinotti, Maresti, Mazzini, Ogliari, Pedrali, Perez, Perretta, Pietrosanti, Pisciottani, Prenna, Privitera, Rinaldoni, Romagnoli, Sacchetti, Sangelaji, Taglialatela, Theodoli, Tinebra , Toscano, Sibiart, Traini, Uber, Veronese, Viglietti, Virgili, Volcanes, Zamic, Zoppi and Zumbolo, will exhibit their original version of the space with their works in the large hall in via Salaria 851.

The exhibition will be held from 19 March until 26 March with the announcement of the winner.

Partner: Aeroitalia | Casale del Giglio | Engels & Völkers | Ferratese Parfums | Fiori e piante di Belaich HalimaI | Viaggi di Archimede | Lavazza | O.T.O Sas | TCH sistemi | Urbe Aero | Vertecchi per l’Arte.

Media Partner: Arte 24

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Via Salaria, 851, Roma, RM, Italia



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