Nordic Walking for beginners


We bring you amazing news! Our Nordic Walking School introduces a new Nordic Walking workout that will help you strengthen your upper body and improve your coordination. And all this with an amazing experience in nature!

3 introductory classes where you will get a good foundation of Nordic walking technique. You are in a group of a couple of people and in gradual stages you learn how to walk with the addition of Nordic walking poles. We’ll do some stabilisation and strengthening exercises and finish the course with some stretching after you’ve done a couple of km.

The slogan of our school is “Strengthen your body in nature with Nordic Walking!” This workout will allow you to improve your fitness while enjoying the beauty of the nature around you.

With our experienced trainers, you can be sure to learn the proper Nordic Walking technique and gain new skills to help you stay fit and healthy. A pleasant environment and lots of fun awaits you!

So don’t hesitate and try our new Nordic Walking training today. We look forward to your participation!

The price of the course includes the rental of poles

Place: the Janka Kráľa Sad, Janka Kráľa Sad, Petržalka, Slovakia
Date: Sunday, 19.03.2023
Start: 14:00
Admission: 25 €
More info at

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Sad Janka Kráľa, Sad Janka Kráľa, Petržalka, Slovensko


25 EUR

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