Snow Queen


For the first time in the Czech Republic! đź‘‘ A cultural event like we have never had before – Multimedia fairy tale with sand animation ❄️ Snehová královna❄️. Children and adult audiences will be fascinated by the classic fairy tale in a new rendition. It consists of sand animation with musical accompaniment and beautiful lyrics in Czech language.

The colourful event, which is a fairy tale with sand animation, will impress adults and children alike. The real-time sand drawings fascinate everyone. A fairy tale is born on the screen before your eyes. The audience will have the opportunity to see a classic creation in a new way.

“The Snow Queen” by the famous Hans Christian Andersen is his most famous work. It seems that there is no family in which children are not read Andersen’s fairy tales. In this world, love, loyalty, perseverance, kindness and faith make real miracles – with their help, the worst spells are destroyed, armed with them, fairy-tale heroes overcome any obstacles, indifference and distrust, find loyal friends, go through a long and difficult way to the goal, remember only the good and get well-deserved happiness.

With enchanting music, you’ll hear the tale of the evil troll mirror, the Snow Queen and the lonely ice kingdom, brave Gerda and her brother Kai, and vibrant sand animation recalling the story of their tragic separation and magical reunion.

Experience the story that has captivated children and adults for 178 years in a unique presentation!

Venue: Lucerna Cinema, VodiÄŤkova, Prague
Date: Sunday, 02.04.2023
Start: at 12:00 and 16:00
Price: 550 CZK

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Kino Lucerna, VodiÄŤkova, New Town, Czechia



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