My Sweet Inedible Planet

08.02.2023 - 01.05.2023

Markéta Magidová: My sweet inedible planet. Visit Markéta Magidová’s exhibition My sweet inedible planet as the very first one! A colourful odyssey through time, space and beyond, it focuses on understanding otherness in society and children’s aesthetics.

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? How many planets exist in our extragalactic nebula—society? Is there a place you yourself fit in? Czech visual artist and filmmaker MARKÉTA MAGIDOVÁ explores the unbridled imagination of children and disrupts both gender and social norms. Her playful and dreamy work includes animated films, digital paintings, remarkable sculptures and objects, as well as the reflection of mythology and the present. Visit the solo exhibition “My Sweet Inedible Planet” at the Kunsthalle Praha starting next Thursday!

Moje sladká nejedlá planeta / My Sweet Inedible Planet
Curated by Andra Silapētere
Kunsthalle Praha /\ 9/2 2023—1/5 2023

Venue: Kunsthalle Prague, Klárov 5, Mala Strana, Czech Republic
Date: until 01.05.2023
Opening hours: 11:00 – 19:00
Tuesday: closed
Price: free of charge

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Klárov 5, Malá Strana, Česko



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