Imaginarium at Chvaly Chateau

21.01.2023 - 11.06.2023

Do not miss the unique chance to see the exhibition that will demonstrate and celebrate human creativity and craft called Imaginarium. It is the project of Forman Brothers Theatre and their friends, which will start on 21 January and will last until 11 June 2023 in the beautiful Chvaly Chateau!

The visitors may look forward to the introduction to the a fantastic and mysterious world of nomadic theatre makers and quirky artists. The exhibition responds sensitively to the environment of Chvaly Chateau and brings new corners, inventions, toys, objects and interactive installations. It is the result of a lively and organically intense collaboration of a diverse group of artists and friends of Matěj Forman, in which each of the artists is a strong individual with their own artistic signature, but at the same time part of the whole.

What is more, during the whole time of the exhibiton, you may also expect great programme full of fun and unique experiences accompanied by puppet and theatre performances, art workshops and concerts.

Venue: Chvalský zámek, Na Chvalské tvrzi 857, 193 00 Praha 9
Date: 21.1.2023 09:00 – 11.6.2023 18:00
Admission: 120 CZK ; Reduced price: 70 CZK ; Family admission: 300 CZK (free of charge: children under 3 years of age ZTP/P guides holders of AMG, RG ČR, RGS, ICOM cards)

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Chvalský zámek, Na Chvalské tvrzi, Horní Počernice, Česko


70 - 300 CZK EUR

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