700 of the Small Carpathians

21.01.2023 - 21.01.2024

How about getting out in the fresh air? The RUM hiking club organises the Male Karpaty challenge.

Male Karpaty has 13 peaks over 700m, with this is also a small challenge to visit them within two years. The reward is a small badge. This small climb is optional, but whoever wants to, can just start.


– distance 26.12 km
– Elevation + 1435 m / – 1446 m
– we have 3 of them on the route.

Havranica (717,1 m)
Záruby (766.7 m)
Vápenná (747.4 m)

Departure from AS nivy BA:

– 7:20 Bratislava,,AS 23
– 8:35 Smolenice,,OcÚ 1

Bus from Solosnice goes every two hours with a change in Rohoznik.

Weather: so far it is snowing, the route will be adjusted if the conditions get worse =]

Essential information for those who will join, on each peak you need to take a solo photo with visible marking of the peak =]

The event is organised by the RUM Tourist Club.

Location: Bratislava and surroundings
Date: whenever you have time and desire
Start time: 7:00 a.m.
Admission: free

Join us for more great events and tips on things to do this weekend.


Bratislava, Slovakia



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