02.02.2023 - 24.02.2023

PEZINSKÝ KREATÍV – collective exhibition of paintings, a selection from the work of four members of the association:

Magda Králova
Klára Matiašovská
Marta Švorcová
Kvetoslava Turanská

We cordially invite you to admire the floral still lifes, to gaze at the impressive portraits and to walk through the picturesque landscapes through the exhibited oils, acrylics and watercolours. The Pezinský Kreatív association was founded in 2014 as a loose group of people who at that time were united by a passion for artistic expression in the form of bobbin lace, frivolitka, wire technique and photography.

Today the platform of the group consists of 13 active members who met while studying at the Academy of the Third Age. They meet in the premises of the social services facility on Hrnčiarská Street in Pezinok.

Non-professional artists honed their talent at various workshops and art symposia, among which international plein-air workshops where they could compare their work with their peers from Poland, Germany and the Czech Republic. Under the guidance of academic painter Marian Komáček, academic painter Julie Piačková, Andrej Frič – Frikou, magister Renáta Strapková, or in the AKVARELA studio, the members got acquainted with various techniques of fine art. Watercolour, oil, acrylic, or linocut won their hearts and they started to exhibit their works. The artists actively participated in charity events several times, where they sold their works and then used the proceeds to support underprivileged families from Pezinok. They are also involved in helping people in the social facility on Komenského Street in Pezinok. They keep the elderly company and involve those interested in painting in a simple painting of pictures. The joy of joint meetings is mutual.

Through their activity, the members of the association prove that a person can be useful and find new hobbies even at an advanced age.

We look forward to your visit
Small Carpathian Centre in Modra
tel: 033/64 334 89

Venue: Manor House in Modra, Horná 20, Modra
Date: 2 February – 24 February 2023
Start: 9:00 a.m.
Admission: free

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Malokarpatské osvetové stredisko v Modre, Horná, Modra, Slovensko



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