Murder for Dinner

21.01.2023 - 26.02.2023

If you like the thrill of escape rooms, detective stories or crime thrillers, now is a great chance to take part in a special programme this weekend. The House of Mysteries invites you to an unusual dinner, where you will have to solve a murder while enjoying the delicious meals. In a pleasant setting the participants will be able to get closer to the solution by clues, as well as logical tasks.

? It’s the age of American Prohibition, but you don’t care, you’re elites: it’s your dinner. ?
You’re seated at the Don’s table, but during the dinner there’s a murder.
? Who? When? When? Where? Why? ?
It’s up to you to find out what happened during dinner: two hours and the help of your table companion to solve the logical puzzles served with the courses. By working together, you might find the murderer before dessert. ??
? We’ll provide the cosy atmosphere, the exciting backstory and the logic puzzles – add your own and show up in stylish, period costume!

Do you like the excitement of escape rooms? How about this time you don’t have to get out, but have a fun dinner and investigate? You can solve our mystery by following the clues placed in your pleasant restaurant environment, and you will also find different logic tasks on the table next to the food.
You don’t have to play a role here, you’ll have to put your head together with your table mates and watch out for the clues.
Click on “I’ll be there” in the event to get updates!

?? Things to do:
1. Register on the “Rejtélyek Háza” website.
2. Show up at the event in period-appropriate (but at least elegant) clothing.
3-course dinner + Mystery Dinner-Logic Board Game-Murder for Dinner.
*11.250 Ft/person, discounted price is conditional on players providing their email addresses and LIKE our Facebook page.

Venue: Budapest, multiple locations
Date: 21 Jan – 26 Feb – on Weekends –
Time: 19:00-21:00

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Budapest, SEMMI EXTRA Bartók, Bartók Béla út, Magyarország


11.250 Ft EUR

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