Photo Exhibition

25.01.2023 - 08.02.2023

Photo Exhibition: Powerful black-and-white photo with strong expressions. Anyone interested in powerful black-and-white photos with strong expressions should go to So Foto Galleri, Skånegatan 81. Jonas Sahlström will exhibit his photos here between 25/1 and 8/2.

The exhibition mainly shows two series with different motifs: city and nature.

The nature motifs are mainly from Gotland, where Jonas spends a lot of time.
– Winter and autumn are the times I find the island most interesting. In summer, the island shows its sunniest side, but in autumn and winter, the island is both barren and faces away from the viewer. The island has a soul that shows itself when the summer guests have left the island. I am fascinated by this structure. It is the stone, the rocks and the barrenness that I find very appealing, fascinating and worth depicting.

The city motifs are from many of the cities Jonas visited on his travels, but also Stockholm motifs.
– I have long devoted myself to street photography, something that really trains speed and the ability to quickly seize the opportunity when a conceivable subject appears. But just like with my nature photography, I am drawn to the dark and hidden.

Jonas photographs almost exclusively in black and white.
– I like to be in the black and white expression, you remove the color and the essence remains.

With a long past in graphic design, photography has been a new chapter for a few years now.
– This is a new activity for me that I am not completely confident in and it stimulates me immensely. You get to use other sides of your creativity, which is extremely stimulating.

At the exhibition there is also the opportunity to buy the photo book Gotland – in the gap, which Jonas published in collaboration with Alster Förlag. The book has been well received and, among other things, was sold in the Fotografiska Museet’s shop.

Location: So Foto Galleri, Skånegatan, Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 25.01.2023 – 08.02.2023

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So Foto Galleri, Skånegatan, Stockholm, Sverige



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