Coffee workshop from bean to cup


In case you love coffee and want to learn more about this delicous liquid, you shoud not miss this month’s event which will happen on 15 January at DDM Prague 9!

It will be informative but also interactive event during which you will learn more about how coffee plant is processed, what is the journey of the coffee bean from the plantation to your cup.

There will be also demonstrations of alternative coffee preparations for you to taste. You will have the chance to discover the difference in taste between arabica and robusta coffee as well as you will hear and see lots of interesting information and tips for the coffee enthusiast and the beginner.

This all is definitely something to look forward to.

What is important to highlight is that you need to register for this event online. For more info, have a look at the organiser website.

Venue: DDM Praha 9, Měšická 720/2, Praha 9
Date: 15.1.2023
Admission: 220 CZK

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Dům dětí a mládeže Praha 9, Měšická, Praha 9-Prosek, Česko



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