Pig-slaughtering in the museum


On Saturday 21.1.2023, you will have the chance to experience the atmosphere of an old Czech slaughter and taste the slaughter specialties at the event Letenské prase aneb Zabijačka v muzeu. The fifteenth edition of this exceptional event will not only fill your taste buds, but also test your skill, knowledge of traditions and present interesting facts about the butcher’s guild.

There will be pig butchery demonstrations, slaughterhouse specialties, and workshops offered by cooks from the Association of Chefs and Confectioners. In addition to butchery delicacies in the museum courtyard, you will be able to try stuffing and skewering a fowl, observe the work of a master butcher, and see specimens of antique butchery implements from the National Museum of Agriculture’s holdings.

We are planning art classes for youngsters as well as a butchery quiz trail with a prize at the end.

Venue: National Museum of Agriculture Prague, Kostelní 44 170 00 Prague, Czech Republic
Date: 21.1.2023
Admission: Adults 100 CZK/person, Children from 3 years old, seniors over 70 years old, students 50 CZK/person.

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Národní zemědělské muzeum Praha, Kostelní, Praha 7-Holešovice, Česko


50 - 100 CZK EUR

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