Informative Wine Tasting

10.01.2023 - 06.06.2023

In 2023, Zengő Bar is preparing a light-hearted, informative series of programs. As part of the “Wine School” event, participants can gain comprehensive knowledge of Hungarian wines in a truly authentic wine bar, combined with a tasting. During the three-hour sessions, guest speakers (winemakers and viticulturists) will help participants to successfully master their knowledge and they’ll enrich the program with their own stories.

What we offer is not just wine, or a wine tasting, nor a boring lesson, but the combination of the light atmosphere, experience and love of wine that we are already well accustomed to.
This is Zengő ABC… the smart wine tasting!
A session lasts 3 hours, during which we bring together the wine with the background stories and the necessary knowledge during the tasting. We have a 15-minute break at halftime.

Our themes and occasions:
-What you should know about grapes and grape varieties – The basics of winemaking and wine tasting (10.01.2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00)
-The wine regions of Hungary – Food and wine pairing (2/7/2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00)
-Villányi big reds – The story of Villányi Cabernet Franc (14.03.2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00) *
-Szekszárd and Eger – Where is “bikavér” made?
(04/04/2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00) *
-The story of Tokaj and the aszú – Not everything from Tokaj is sweet (05/09/2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00) *
-Balaton – From white to red (06.06.2023, Tuesday I 19:00-22:00) *

ℹ️We provide every timeℹ️
– tasting note (for recording the submitted material)
– unlimited soda (for hydration)
wine skate: in the form of bread and olive oil (to keep the taste buds fit)
– tasting glasses (to achieve the right aroma and taste)
– the opportunity to taste 5-6 wines on occasion
It is possible to purchase discounted tickets for all 6 events at once, or you can join by topic. We hold our classes with a limited number of people – a maximum of 20 people – so that we have time to deal with questions and suggestions.

Tickets are available on Zengő Bár’s Facebook page and Tixa’s website.

Venue: Zengő Bar
Dates: Jan 10, Feb 7, March 14, April 4, May 9, June 6
Time: 19:00-22:00

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Budapest, Zengő Borbár, Krúdy Utca, Magyarország


7000 Ft EUR

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