The 14-Carat Roadster – Concert Theatre with Budapest Bar


One of Jenő Rejtő’s most popular works, The 14-Carat Roadster, with its inimitable humour, is one of the highlights of TRIP’s concert theatre series. The fantastic author also inspired the ‘Budapest Bár’, so the band members and the excellent songwriter Krisztián Szűcs wrote songs for key scenes of the performance. The grotesque adventures of the fourteen-carat car, accompanied by twelve songs, will make this special theatre-music experience unmatched.

The inimitable humour of Jenő Rejtő’s literary imagination created a world of its own in Hungarian fiction. One of his most popular works, The 14-Carat Roadster, is one of the highlights of TRIP’s concert theatre series. A brilliant parody is once again woven around Mr. Vanek, who is self-conscious, the Sahara, the French Foreign Legion and a love story.

The favourite novelist of several generations has also inspired an orchestra whose style and musical versatility will appeal to all ages: the Budapest Bár musicians and the excellent songwriter Krisztián Szűcs have written songs for key scenes in the production. This is how Iván Gorcsev, Mr Vanek and Sergeant Vendier’s desert rampage became a magical all-round artistic experience. “Writing songs for Rejtő’s poetry tornado seemed at first an honourable, but impossible, task. Fortunately, the brilliant characters almost wrote the lyrics and melodies in my head, and Tamás Keresztes’ musically sensitive and understanding guidance helped me a lot,” said Krisztián Szűcs about the process.

The grotesque adventures of 14-carat roadster, accompanied by twelve songs, will make the audience laugh out loud. Since concert theatre is as much a theatrical experience as a musical one, the songs are not performed by singers, but by eight excellent actors: István Dankó, Patrícia Fekete, Tibor Mertz, István Mikó, Tamás Keresztes, Ferenc Polák, Péter Turi, Bence Juhász
The director and set designer of the production is Jászai Mari Prize winner Tamás Keresztes, who adapted the novel for the stage together with Réka Divinyi. “This is my first independent production with a great crew, the whole rehearsal process was a real pleasure” – said Tamás Keresztes.

The orchestra plays live, the stage scenes are interwoven with vibrant songs. But not only the music and the acting, but also the visuals created by Tamás Keresztes are an important part of the venture to create a new genre, a musical “comic theatre” from Rejtő’s literary world. Thanks to TRIP, one of the funniest and most lovable theatrical experiences is being created by a collaboration of excellent artists.

Online tickets on the “Várkert Bazár” website.

Venue: Castle Garden Bazaar
Date: 28 Jan.
Time: 19:00

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Budapest, Várkert Bazár, Ybl Miklós tér, Magyarország


6900-7900 Ft EUR

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