Rhythmic Morning for Families


The Hungarian House of Music is preparing a fun, family-friendly programme on 28 January. Percussion instruments have been present in many homes since the world began, and will be the focus of this morning’s programme as well. During the session, great percussion artists will take participants on a journey into this world and show that it doesn’t end at the drum kit.

If there is one group of instruments that is sure to be found in every home since the world began, it is the percussion group! Because everywhere and everyone can – if not necessarily should – clap their hands, bang pots, bang sticks, drum on the neighbour’s wall. But there is much more to it than that!
This is what this morning is all about, because the world doesn’t end with drumming, there are also melodic percussion instruments that play a major role in classical and even jazz music! All of this will be demonstrated to the children in our sessions by some of the greatest percussion artists, so we promise a day of music!
“Ramazuri” is a series of programs where our goal is for all members of the family to make friends with music, while of course our goal is for the whole family to have a great time! Small group sessions for the younger ones, workshops that don’t require prior training for the older ones, interactive performances for the most open-minded members of the family.

Tickets on the Liget+ website.

Venue: Hungarian House of Music, Concert Hall.
Date: 28 Jan.
Time: 10:30-12:15

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Budapest, Magyar Zene Háza, Olof Palme sétány, Magyarország


2800 Ft EUR

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