Circus Varius on Ice


In February 2023, Circus Varius will come to Slovakia for the first time with its programme “Circus Varius on Ice”. The ice show will feature all genres of modern circus art. Jugglers, illusionists, gymnasts, acrobats and, of course, clowns will surprise the audience with their skills. The performers show all their art on ice skates on the ice surface.

Circus Varius was created by the merger of several circuses from around the world. The circus is headed by experienced leaders who have been associated with circus arts all their lives. The composition of the circus artists is international. There are artists from Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, USA. Thanks to the presence of professional artists from different countries of the world, Circus Varius can present to the audience unique, different from each other numbers that will satisfy even the most demanding spectator. Circus Varius is the only circus in the world that has tamed all the elements. Only Circus Varius has unique performances in its repertoire: “Circus Varius on ice”, “Circus Varius on the ground and in the air” and “Circus Varius on the water”. Amazing extravaganza of light, music specially written for each performance, colourful costumes, dizzying stunts, special effects and, of course, the unsurpassed skill of the performers – all this is the wonderful world of Circus Varius. And one more important point – animals do not take part in Circus Varius performances. In this circus, only unique performers show off their skills!

Tour schedule:

05.02.2023 – Trnava
07.02.2023 – Prievidza
08.02.2023 – Poprad
14.02.2023 – Trenčín
15.02.2023 – Banská Bystrica
17.02.2023 – Žilina
01.03.2023 – Michalovce
02.03.2023 – Prešov
04.03.2023 – Bratislava


Venue: Vladimir Dzurilla Ice Stadium, Ružinovská street, Ružinov, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, 04.03.2023
Start: 17:00
Admission: 25-28 €

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Zimný štadión Vladimíra Dzurillu, Ružinovská street, Ružinov, Slovakia


25-28 EUR

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