A baby beetle was born

26.01.2023 - 01.06.2022

The original ballet fairy tale set to music by Slovak composer Tibor Frešo reveals the world of dancing bugs to the youngest viewers. The mysterious world in which the beetles live will be guided by Pepe, the protector of the forest. He will introduce them to the adventures of the mischievous flycatcher Svätojanek. The story of the main character takes place over the course of a year, the changing seasons are the main artistic motif of the individual paintings, the cycle of nature is an inspiring backdrop to the secret life of the fireflies. The librettist Nikita Slovák called them “the lights that the Lord God has sent us, so that we would not be sad at night and would not go astray”. The never-ending “choreography” of nature has been translated by choreographer Igor Holováč into a delightful dance text that offers dynamic images full of humour and a clear ethical message.

Length of performance: 1 hour 40 minutes with intermission

Venue: Slovak National Theatre, Pribinova Street, Bratislava

Performance dates:

Thursday 26 January 2023 – 11:00 h – 13:00 h
Saturday 28 January 2023 – 17:00 h – 19:00 h
Thursday 1 June 2023 – 11:00 h – 13:00 h
Thursday 1 June 2023 – 17:00 h – 19:00 h

Admission: 12 – 34 €

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Slovenské národné divadlo, Pribinova, Old Town, Slovakia


12 - 34 EUR

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