Ukraine today and tomorrow

07.12.2022 - 21.12.2022

The exhibition “Ukraine yesterday and today” combines two art projects: the first refers to the art project “Yellow and Blue”. This give insights into cultural and tourist sites – and shows social, scenic and historical features of Ukraine. The first cycle is juxtaposed with newer works that address the current war in Ukraine at different levels and illustrate the extensive destruction but also the fight and hope of the Ukrainian people.

Both the “War Diary” projects and the “Yellow and Blue” pictures were designed by Ukrainian illustrators, graphic designers and artists. They are members of the Pictoric Illustrators Club, founded in 2014 by Olena Staranchuk, Oleg Gryshchenko and Anna Sarvira. The goal of the Pictoric Illustrators Club initiative is to draw attention to Ukraine in the world through quality illustration art. In several countries of the world, exhibitions are currently held in urban areas or in galleries and in libraries.

Venue: Old Market Hall, SNP Square, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: from 07.12.2022 – 21.12.2022
Start: 14:00
Admission: 2 €

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Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovensko



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