In Flames at Hovet


In Flames is coming to visit Sweden in 2 most energetic and amazing live concerts – in Stockholm and Gothenburg. This band is beloved far and wide so be sure to buy your tickets before its all sold out. You can be sure that they will give their all to make your evening the best of the best.

In Flames have always given the middle finger to anyone who has demanded that they stop. Despite, or rather because of that, the band is today one of the world’s most influential and beloved metal bands. With the latest single ‘The Great Deceiver’ released today, the band brings the prominent friends of At The Gates, Imminence and Orbit Culture to Hovet in Stockholm on December 16 and Scandinavium in Gothenburg on December 17!

It’s hard to overstate In Flames’ importance to the metal scene. First as innovators of melodic death metal in the 90s, as a strong influence for the emerging metalcore of the 2000s, and more recently as one of the progressive, alternative metal scene’s very biggest and most innovative acts. And if there’s one thing that’s characterised the Gothenburgers in In Flames since their formation in 1990, it’s forward-thinking – a deep unwillingness to repeat themselves that’s rare in a genre cherished by unwritten rules. The first success came with the now iconic third album ‘The Jester Race’ from 1996 but it was with the style-setting ‘Reroute To Remain’ that the band found the sound they’ve been refining ever since. As on the latest, hungry album ‘I, the Mask’ from 2019. Earlier this year, the band returned with the crushingly hard-hitting ‘State Of Slow Decay’ – the first single since returning to the venerable Nuclear Blast label.

On 16 December, In Flames will join friends to take over the Hovet and on 17 December the Scandinavium – and they’re not just any friends. Like In Flames, At The Gates is one of the pioneers of Swedish death metal and was instrumental in shaping what has come to be known as the Gothenburg sound. After releasing classics like ‘Terminal Spirit Disease’ (1994) and the immortal ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ (1995), the band took a break in 1996 to make an unexpected but triumphant return with ‘At War With Reality’ in 2014. Since then, the band has released two more albums, most recently ‘The Nightmare of Being’ (2021) – considered by many to be their best and most versatile record since their return.

Imminence land somewhere between the mercilessly hard and alternative rock with their emotionally charged metalcore. The fact that singer and lyricist Eddie Berg is then a classically trained violinist adds another dimension to the already multifaceted music. The band recently released their fourth studio album ‘Heaven in Hiding’ (2021) and critics and fans alike agreed: the album is the band’s very best so far.

Orbit Culture rose from the underworld in 2020 with the album ‘Nija’, which brought the band widespread recognition worldwide for their technical, aggressive and melodic death metal. The band, who are at a creative zenith, followed up the acclaimed album back in 2021 with the more immediate, live EP ‘Shaman’.

In Flames, At The Gates, Imminence and Orbit Culture are all, in their own way, at the forefront of metal music. To see them on the same night is nothing short of a privilege. Don’t miss the concerts – 16 December at Hovet and 17 December at Scandinavium.

Place: Hovet, Globentorget, Stockholm
Price: 625 – 685 SEK
Date: 16. 12. 2022
Time: 18:00

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Stockholm, Švédsko


625 - 685 SEK EUR

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