Czech Christmas Mass

15.12.2022 - 19.12.2022

Jakub Jan Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass. Although Jakub Jan Ryba was the author of some 1,300 compositions, ranging from songs to chamber music to symphonies, his most famous and still most performed composition is his Czech Christmas Mass. This composition, also known as the “Hey, Master!” mass, still belongs inseparably to the Czech Christmas. For its fresh and joyful atmosphere, it continues to be popular with a wide audience every year, even after almost 230 years.

Dalibor Havlíček’s Symphony Orchestra has included the Czech Christmas Mass in its pre-Christmas concerts for the fourth year and has successfully collaborated with several mixed choirs (e.g. Mikrochor, Nashira, Modřanský Temple Choir, Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory Choir). In Kamenice, they will perform together with the Kamenice Mixed Choir, which was founded in 2018 under the direction of choirmaster Alžběta Brzotická.

Venue: Kamenice Cultural Centre, Ringhoferovo nám. 434, Olešovice, 251 68 Kamenice
Date and time: 15 and 19 December 2022, 19:30
Admission: 250,- CZK
Pre-sale tickets at the Kamenice Cultural Centre box office

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Prague, Czechia


250,-Kč EUR

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