Jokes in the Workroom


Jokes in the Workroom – Stand Up Show. The comedy group Jokes with Cabbage brings their best jokes to the Workroom in Žižkov. On Saturday, 26 November, six comedians will take the microphone and serve the audience jokes from all spheres of human life.

“The comedy group Jokes with Cabbage got together at various open mics, which are evenings where anyone can take the microphone and try their hand at telling jokes. What people will hear in the Žižkov Workroom will be a selection of the best material the performers have put together over the last six months or so, says Ondřej Cabal, who will be hosting the evening.

Together with him, visitors can look forward to other comedians, namely Adam Korytář, Aleš Pitrmoec, Jiří Štraub, Martin Černý and Erik Zahradil. “These are comedians of the new generation. People may not know them from TV or streaming services yet, they are still building their reputation and are determined to be among the top of domestic stand up comedy. They are young performers with a quirky humour who have performed countless open mics in Prague and smaller cities with the Cabbage Jokes, says Cabal.

The comedy group Vtípečky se zelím was founded in 2022 by Ondřej Cabal and Aleš Pitrmoc. Its aim is to gather aspiring comedians and collectively develop the craft of stand up. In this they are also helped by well-known and experienced comedians Jiří Jakima and Tigran Hovakimyan. Members of the group can be seen regularly at Prague venues Myslíš? and Ty kávo!

Date: Saturday, 26.11.2022
8:00 p.m.
Price: 200 CZK

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Pracovna, Vlkova, Praha 3-Žižkov, Česko


200 Kč EUR

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