Cities of Jazz – Kansas City


On November 24, the Hungarian House Of Music will guide the audience to Kasas City, Central America, which played a key role in the development of jazz. At the event, the city’s jazz history, styles and key figures will be introduced to the participants, all with original audio and video recordings and the credit of personal experience.
Speaker: Gábor Turi
Central American Kansas City is a special place on the jazz map. In the 1930s, when the country was hit by the economic crisis and alcohol prohibition, a corrupt mayor named Tom Pendergast, based on the cattle and grain trade, not caring about the restrictions made the city a center of entertainment and music. The night life flourished, the bars were overflowing; the locals counted at least one hundred and sixty. Due to the geographic isolation of the area, racial discrimination prevailed less, which offered a good ground for jazz.
Musicians flocked here from the Midwest and Southwest. Count Basie, Mary Lou Williams, Lester Young, Andy Kirk, Jay McShann are just as famous in the city as Jimmy Rushing, Ben Webster and Charlie Parker. In contrast to the tight New Orleans and Chicago music, the intoxicating night life made possible a more relaxed, informal way of playing, in which the instrumental duels that lasted until dawn, the improvisations that lasted until the end of the day played a memorable role. As it was so faithfully reconstructed by director Robert Altman in his film Kansas City.
The event is in Hungarian!
There were hardly any musicians in the turn of the 19th-20th centuries that could foresee in the luxury district of the American port city of New Orleans called Storyville, the huge curve that music with an invigorating rhythm, born in bars, brothels, ballrooms, and street parties, traveled in a hundred years. The performance developed from the clash of cultures through the instinctive playing of largely uneducated musicians took new directions every decade and first became America’s dance music, then, reaching more and more serious and elevated artistic goals, found fertile ground on all continents. The jazz history free university of the House of Hungarian Music introduces the interested parties to the important stages, locations, styles and outstanding personalities of this process. The jazz cities series presents the colorful world of New Orleans, Chicago, Kansas City and New York, the major cities that played a key role in the development and development of jazz, with original audio and video recordings and the credit of personal experience.

Tickets: on the website of “Magyar Zene Háza”

Venue: Hungarian House Of Music
Date: November 24
Time: 19:00-20:30

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Budapest, Magyar Zene Háza, Olof Palme sétány, Magyarország


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