SWAP clothing


🤩 Don’t buy a new clothes, replace them 🤩

Give your nice clothes a second chance and exchange them. Renew your wardrobe without unnecessary waste. Just SWAP your clothes.

SWAP is a mutual exchange of beautiful, washed and tasteful clothes ~ a simple and effective way to give your nice, undamaged and cleaned clothes a second chance to shine again.

You bring 1 to 10 beautiful pieces and exchange someone else’s clothes for them.

You can swap women’s, men’s AND children’s clothes.

~ What is SWAP?

It’s a way to freshen up your wardrobe in an eco-friendly and economical way, without remorse. And most importantly – you refresh your wardrobe without buying new clothes.

~ How does SWAP work?

👉 Choose 10 nice pieces of clothes from your wardrobe that you are tired of (don’t forget to wash them and bring them back dry)

Choose thoughtfully so we exchange really nice clothes 😎

👉 we’ll take a look at them and give you tokens
👉 you look at what’s on offer and exchange for tokens

For every good piece of clothing you get one token.
You can get one piece of clothing for one token.


✅ Clothes (women’s, men’s)
✅ handbags, belts, jewellery,
✅ hats, scarves,
These things should be:
✅ in good condition without damage,
✅ washed, clean, fragrant and dry.

~ What is NOT appropriate for SWAP ? ~

Anything that is hygienically unsanitary:
❌ Swimwear
❌ socks
❌ underwear
❌ shoes
❌ bathrobes, towels, sheets

~ What happens to the clothes that are left over?

Wearable and nice pieces will go to the next SWAP or to #NOSENE. Alternatively, items that are no longer usable will go to recycling to be made into insulation or car seat stuffing.

Entrance fee for SWAP is 7€.

If you like more pieces than you have tokens, you can simply purchase a token for 1,5€.

Venue: the Old Market Hall, SNP Square, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: Saturday, 26.11.2022
Start: from 10:00 – 15:00
Admission: 7 €

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Stará tržnica, Námestie SNP, Bratislava, Slovakia



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