Netanel Goldberg & Mitsch Kohn Trnava


Netanel Goldberg & Mitsch Kohn TRUTH of NOW 2022 Trnava. TRUTH of NOW is much more than a concert, it is an intuitive musical ceremony, an invitation to engage with the flow of the moment and drift on that path into an inner journey. Netanel and Mitsch open a save space for a deep inner connection and true expression… dancing, singing, opening the heart, letting go, integrating … connect to your inner truth and your essence … a celebration of life.

Immersion – in the ocean of your being.
Surrender – to the truth of the moment.
Letting go – of everything you no longer need for your path.
Welcome – to the wonderful being that you are.

With their extraordinary intuitive musical depth, Mitsch and Netanel create a healing space of songs, sound, silence and presence in which the essence of each participant is allowed to fully unfold. With free-flowing melodies, tremendous expressive variety and dynamic range, they play their way into the hearts. With healing prayer songs, short stories and creative interactive spaces of experience, they accompany the participants into inner worlds that are often hidden in the mind-dominated everyday life. You go into your immediate self-experience and will – as far as you are willing to let yourself in – experience yourself in your very own soul quality… connected with yourself… arrived at home.

Location: Lighthouse Club, Bulharská, Trnava, Slovakia
Date: Friday, 02.12.2022
Start: 19:00
Admission: 29.90 €

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Bratislava, Slovakia


29.90 EUR

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