Yoga for Beginners

13.11.2022 - 04.12.2022

Join an expertly guided advanced yoga beginner’s course to learn yoga from the ground up so you can really enjoy yoga. Again in the studio with a limited number of participants.

General information about our Yoga Beginners courses:
Our yoga beginners’ courses are aimed at yoga beginners who want to learn (Ashtanga) yoga in a really solid way, as well as yoga practitioners of other yoga traditions and former Ashtanga practitioners who want to get back into yoga. The courses consist of 8 units. With 8 sessions we have enough time to approach yoga slowly, to explain details, to repeat everything and to answer your questions.

Duration: from 16:15 to 17:45
Venue: YOGAZENTRUM PUREYOGA – Yoga Wien, Einwanggasse, Vienna
Admission: whole course 140/150€
Contact: / +43 699 81599283

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YOGAZENTRUM PUREYOGA - Yoga Wien, Einwanggasse, Vienna, Rakúsko


140-150 EUR

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