Exhibition By Lóránd Balázs Magyari

08.11.2022 - 31.12.2022

At the request of gallery manager Katalin Kállai, the exhibition of sculptor Lóránd Magyari Balázs will be opened by Munkácsy Prize-winning painter József Szurcsik, vice-rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, curator of the Gizella Malom Átrium Gallery.

Allow us to briefly introduce our continuously developing gallery here as well. Katalin Kállai, writer and art critic, the dreamer of Átrium Gallery, nicknamed only ‘Gizi’ in art circles, and József Szurcsik, Munkácsy Award-winning painter, vice-rector of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, curator of Gizella Malom Átrium Gallery, are to thank for the birth of our gallery and its month-by-month development, as well as separately emphasizing the visual artists whose works we can already enjoy in the Gallery, by name:

Péter Ágnes, Munkácsy award-winning sculptor
Tamás Kótai, Munkácsy award-winning painter
Zsolt Ferenczy, Barcsay prize-winning painter
Diána Verebélyi, Gubis Mihály Prize-winning artist and co-creator, László Görög
Andrea Gulyás Katalin, Derkovits prize-winning painter
Andrea Varga, painter
Ákos Bánki Esse, painter

We look forward to welcoming you to the opening of the exhibition!

Location: Gizella Malom Atrium Gallery
Date: November 8
Time: 18:00

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Budapest, IX. kerület, Gizella Malom, Tinódi utca 1, Magyarország


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