New Year’s Eve performance Jánošík


Original Slovak musical by D. Heveira, G Dušík and S. Sprušinský about the legendary bandit Janosik. JÁNOŠÍK. Legend and myth. A national hero. Archetype.
Several people appropriated him, many hid behind him. Rebels, heroes, messiahs…

The ethical and aesthetic norm. Inspiration. A brave and brawny young man, known from many literary, artistic, film or dance adaptations. A figure of Slovak history, who left a distinctive mark in the Slovak theatre environment. But never once in a musical – originally Slovak dress. Who else, if not Slovaks, should write and study an original musical work about this appealing and ambiguous character? And so they did! JÁNOŠÍK is coming to the Nová scéna Theatre! An appealing stage parable about the essence of a nation. Us – Slovaks.

We offer you an exceptional and in many ways unique musical work.

This is guaranteed by the extremely emotional and metaphorically rich libretto by Daniel Hevier and Svetozár Sprušanský, the ideal representatives of the main character Dárius Koči and Patrik Vyskočil, the melodically impressive and memorable music by Gab Dušík, the captivating choreographic numbers by Ján Ševčík, the narrative and period-anchored costumes, and the picturesque and changeable scenery by Alexandra Grusková. Vivid dialogues and wisdom of ideas, liberating humour, magical poetry of scenic images, wit and poignancy of situations… All this creates a powerful stage stream of clashes, entanglements, conflicts, dramatic twists and humorous moments.

A spectacular musical fresco awaits you. A picture of the life and deeds of one hero. The one who left so much in us. Who still means so much to us today.

World premieres: 16 and 17 September 2021

suitable for audiences aged 12 and over 

Cast. Kochi/P. Vyskočil, M. Drínová/ L. Machciníková, J. Blazar Lieskovská/K. Olasová, M. Dolná, L. Vráblicová and others…
Svetozár Sprušanský


Venue: New Scene Theatre, Živnostenská Street, Bratislava, Slovakia
Date: 31.12.2022
Admission: 15 €
Genre: musical
Duration: 190 min. with intermission
Place: large hall

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Divadlo Nová scéna, Živnostenská, Bratislava, Slovensko


45 € EUR

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