Educational Art Movies

05.11.2022 - 29.11.2022

Organized by the Temples of Art and the Castle Garden Cinema, you can see 7 captivating films about the best artists in November. The informative series, among others, offers an insight into the world of the genius of Impressionism, following Ross King’s bestseller Mad Enchantment- Claude Monet and the Water Lilies. You can also see a documentary about Tutankhamun’s opulent tomb discovered a hundred years ago, or about the work of Boticelli. Furthermore, you can learn more about Van Gogh, Klimt and Schiele, Bernini and Rembrandt as they will also be featured on the canvas.

Ticket prices:
Adult: HUF 1,600
Student/pensioner: HUF 1,000
🎥 Put together your film club pass! Buy any number of tickets for at least 3 different performances at the same time with a 15% discount!

Tutanhamon: The latest exhibition – November 5, 22
Monet and his water lilies: In the magic circle of water and light – November 8
Botticelli and the Medici – November 12
Van Gogh – Between wheat fields and cloudy sky – November 15, December 6
Klimt and Schiele: Amor and Psyche – Birth of Art Nouveau – November 19
Bernini – November 26
My Rembrandt – November 29

Location: City Garden (Várkert Bazár), Screening Room
Date: November 5-29

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Budapest, Várkert Bazár, Ybl Miklós tér, Magyarország


1000-1600 Ft EUR

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