Szidi Tobias & Band concert


Szidi Tobias & Band – Advent Concert 2022 – He Believed and He Didn’t Believe”

The Advent concert of Szidi Tobias & Band will feature songs such as: At the Hotel in Olomouc, Let it Happen, Dala som milému, Dyje, Okná dokorán, Já vím.

You can hear the songs Zimní noci, Vrána, Městu i světu, Andělé (To the City and the World), which are played only during Advent, performed by a charismatic singer whose voice needs no introduction.

The uniqueness of the concerts of Szidi Tobias & Band is evidenced by the number of loyal fans who return to the concerts repeatedly. Szidi Tobias touches with her speech the emotions that we have forgotten in everyday life.

The Advent concert will feature compositions from the original musical work of Milan Vyskočáni and lyricist Petr Lipovský.

” The Lord,” the moon asked.” Which of the two worlds is greater ; this world or the world yet to come?” “The world that is to come is greater, ” answered God. ( Book of Legends)

Szidi Tobias – vocal
Milan Vyskocani – composer, guitar / piano
Andrej Gál – cello
Richard Šimurka – saxophone / flute
Jakub Valicek – drums
Pavol Kušík – double bass / Tamás Belicza
Viliam Majer – accordion


Venue: V-Club – Námestie SNP 471/12, 811 06 Bratislava – Staré mesto
Date: Sunday, 04.12.2022
Start: 18:00
Admission: 25 €

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Národné osvetové centrum / V-klub, Námestie SNP 471/12, 811 06 Bratislava, Slovensko


25€ EUR

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