Andrea Zimányiová concert


Andrea Zimányiová & Band “Christmas concert of sung chanson”. Slovak multi-genre singer Andrea Zimányiová has prepared for her fans a Christmas concert of sung chanson, where visitors will be able to feel the smell and taste of unique coffee combined with beautiful melodies and an extraordinary artistic experience.

The Christmas concert will feature not only original songs from the debut album “Window to the Soul” but also newer songs and well-known world chansons.

During the evening you will hear works by Juraj Burian, Adriena Bartošová, Viliam Majer and other authors.

Genre varied and instrumentally imaginative works with excellent homemade lyrics by Zor Laurinac, Monika Kozelová and others, with overlapping to other genres, are a guarantee of a unique artistic experience.

The concert also continues the tradition of spreading the idea of chanson evenings by the director Jozef Bednárik, for whom Andrea Zimányiová was a kind of embodiment and fulfilment of the idea of the sung chanson.

With respect and reference to the sung chanson, we will hear Bednárik’s favourite chansons and new works by the talented singer.

And there will also be one small surprise in the form of a song that the band only plays on special occasions, such as Advent and the approaching Christmas season.

Andrea Zimányiova – vocals
Katarína Belicza – guitar
Anton Zajacek – drums
Tamás Belicza – bass guitar
Erik Dimitrov – piano
Viliam Majer – accordion


Venue: Adriana kaviareň – Bajkalská 19 B, 821 03 ROSUM – Bratislava – Ružinov
Date: Thursday, 01.12.2022
Start: 20:00:00
Admission: 15 €



ADRIANA kaviareň, Bajkalská 19 B, 821 03 ROSUM-Ružinov, Slovensko


15€ EUR

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