13.10.2022 - 27.10.2022

“Spazio Arte Tolomeo” is organizing the contemporary art exhibition “ART COUTURE” to be held at the spacious exhibition space located at 27 Via A.M. Ampère in Milan, Piola-Città Studi area.

The union between art and fashion is much more solid than we think. Both are manifestation, expression and interpretation of life, which are based on personal feeling and creativity. The relationship between fashion and art is always evolving, influencing each other. The union between the two disciplines was deepened as early as the early twentieth century. The artists of Art Nouveau and the Historic Avant-Garde applied their aesthetic conceptions to the design of women’s dress, which was understood as artistic, individual and reformed dress compared to current fashion.

The relationship between the two arts is increasingly complex. Art has always been a great source of inspiration for various designers, who also create uniquely artistic and non-wearable products.

This exhibition allows for an evocative journey into the world of this ever-evolving pair.

Location: Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 27, Milan, MI, Italy
Date: 10/13/2022 – 10/27/2022
Start: 18:00

Price: free admission

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Via Andrea Maria Ampère, 27, Milano, MI, Italia



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