WAMP Design Fair


The famous Hungarian design fair is once again waiting for those interested in an autumn event on Sunday. The Millenáris Glass Hall will host the program featuring uniquely designed clothes, bags, accessories, graphics, ceramics, jewelry, and home decorations. The free program amazes its visitors every time, so it will be worth visiting on the second weekend of October as well.

On November 6, the WAMP design fair will move to the 1st floor of Bálna Budapest, where Hungarian designers will present their own designed, small-series products, be it clothing, jewelry, accessories, home furnishings, photos or even gastronomic delicacies.
WAMP is a social place where creators, customers, young people, families, creative professionals and everyone interested can meet, thus design does not appear as an abstract artistic concept, but an exciting opportunity that can be smuggled into people’s everyday lives. As one of Hungary’s largest and longest-standing private initiatives dealing with design, WAMP also places special emphasis on the social responsibility and value it conveys: as a counterbalance to fast fashion and malls, it creates a sustainable, people-oriented alternative with its monthly fairs.
The event is child and dog friendly!

Location: Bálna
Date: November 6
Time: 10:00-18:00

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Budapest, Bálna Budapest, Fővám tér, Magyarország


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