If you are a fan of records or you feel nostalgic for old music formats then this event is just for you. Are you not curious what kind of treasures you can find? Come along for nostalgia, stay for great prices and wide selection.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 at 12-18 we will have a SHEET MARKET.

Now at the excellent cultural café Källarbyn, STORA NYGATAN 31 in the Old Town. (I.e. not Kristinehovs Malmgård).
We will be about 30 unique SELLERS – 2 large rooms with vinyl, CDs etc.


FREE ENTRY! But coffee/lunch is welcome. Good selection, wine and beer rights available.
Note: The room can hold a maximum of 150 people. To avoid long queues spread out over the day.

See you!

Place: Stora Nygatan, Stockholm
Price: Free
Date: 09. 10. 2022
Time: 12:00

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Stora Nygatan, Stockholm, Švédsko



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