The Czechoslovak beat-festival will be held for the third time in modern times, just as it has been in history. It will take place on 16 October in Prague’s Lucerna and it is already clear who will perform.

First of all, it will be rock and roll legend of the early sixties Pavel Sedláček with his band Cadillac. Following them will be Synkopy 61 from Brno, who are celebrating their symbolic 61 years this year. Pavol Hammel and his legendary Prúdy will come from Bratislava. Flamengo is celebrating 50 years of the album Chicken in the Clock this year and will present the best of the album under the name FLAMENGO reunion session. FLAMENGO reunion session and relies on a pair of original Flamengo members, Pavel Fořt (guitar) and Vladimír “Guma” Kulhanek (bass), both of whom remember the golden era of Flamengo. Precedens is the youngest of the performing bands, the group was a phenomenon only in the eighties, but today they are legends and undoubtedly belong to Lucerna. Michal Prokop and Framus five return to Lucerna after 55 years. In 1967, he took to the microphone for the first time as a singer (he had previously worked as a guitarist) and was immediately awarded the title of Singer of the Year at the Czechoslovak Beat Festival. His performance will be the highlight of this year’s beat-festival. The end will belong to The Primitives Group. They surprised at both historic festivals, but in 1968 they put on a psychedelic show that was unprecedented at the time. They repeated it in 2017 and we can certainly count on something this year, if only because Ivan Hajniš will celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday in Lucerna.

For the third and last time:
Pavel Sedláček & Cadillac
Synkopy 61 Pavol Hammel and Prudy
FLAMENGO reunion session
Michal Prokop and Framus five
The Primitives Group

Place: 704/61 Stepanska Street, New Town, Czech Republic
Date: Sunday,16.10.2022
Start: 17:00 h
Price: 300-900 CZK

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Štěpánská 704/61, Nové Město, Česko


300-900 Kč EUR

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