Budapest Psychology Days

23.09.2022 - 25.09.2022

One of Europe’s largest scientific and cultural events, Psinapsis, will be held for the 26th time between September 22 and 25. Interesting psychological lectures, round table discussions, theater, concerts and workshops will also be available at the event that is organized exclusively by volunteers. The theme of this year is “Reflection”, but what will you see in this mirror?

This year, for the 26th time, we bring you one of Europe’s largest scientific and cultural events organized exclusively by volunteers, the Budapest Psychology Days, i.e. Psynapsis.
What we prepare:
🧠 Psychological lectures
📚 Workshops
🗣 Round table discussions
🎸 Concerts
🎭 Theater
📖 Live library
✨ .. and many more.
🕐 When? September 23-25, 2022 between.
🏤 Where?
– lectures, professional and cultural programs: Eötvös10 Cultural Center
– concerts: Gólya Presszó and Community House
You can find out more about the detailed program from the posts continuously published for this event and from the website.

The main title of the 26th Psynapsis: Mirror image/Reflection
✨ A word that never loses its relevance. A word that indicates
that from time to time we have to face ourselves.
A word that suggests the key to self-improvement
lies within us. Strangers can hold a mirror up to us,
loved ones, or even society itself. What can we see
in this mirror? An image that can set the direction
for rebirth, contact with others, a
for development at the individual and community level. Efflorescence and
fulfillment – this is what we want to offer our visitors this year as well,
so that they can enjoy finding themselves and each other again
our event. ✨
Study and get cultured with us during the day, and visit the concerts in the evenings at Gólya!

Separate registration is required for psychological workshops, and separate ticket purchases are required for concerts.
Pre-registration is also required for the relax programs and the experience gathering programs. In this regard, search the website of Pszinapszis, Budapest Psychology Days or the summary post in the discussion section of this event.

Location: Eötvös10 Cultural Center
Date: September 23
Time: 17:00

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Budapest, Eötvös10 Művelődési Ház, Eötvös utca, Magyarország


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